Valeda Herbal Aloe Vera Morning Moisturising Toner

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what is a solution for occasional tightness and dryness during morning ours of the day? Application of external oils or oily creams to combat dryness further suppresses the natural oil secreting properties of the sebaceous glands. This moisturizer provides ideal hydration to your skin without any traces of residual greasiness. This is also an effective Astringent, Toner a soothing stimulant for skin. Basil is invigorating tonifying herb which is useful for complete rejuvenation of skin.

Valeda Products are High Standard and Quality Products created, developed , used and practiced by Experienced Doctors.

Products development is by group of Doctors so standards are of highest degree.Doctors of the Valeda Wellness Centers are using products since over 31 years so are qualitatively established.Foundation of Valeda dates back in 1880 when keeping up the tradition of Herbal Care and Cure was a noble soul, Mr. Arjun Dev Bali. Now Valeda Herbal Pvt. Ltd. is inherited by Dr. Seema Bali & Mr. Rajesh Bali who are the present Directors of the Company.Sai Health Care, the manufacturing unit for Valeda Herbal Products was established in the year 1985 by Mr. Rajesh Bali, the Proprietor of the firm.“Valeda Herbal” is the registered trade mark. “Valeda” in Latin means Strong and healthy.

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